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MT manufactures brand-independent solutions to meet customers' needs for structural cabling. Engineering, feasibility, consultancy services are provided during the design of the project related to these requested services / products.
Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Multi Mode and Single Mode F / O cables are used in structural cabling projects. One of the important elements of data communication is undoubtedly the energy infrastructure. For this purpose, during the projecting of the data infrastructure, the electricity and Ups substructure is also designed and designed.
Speed ??criteria are determined for audio-visual and data communication in the direction of the customer's demands. In line with these demands, the most appropriate products are determined by making internal and external discoveries of the customer. Structured cabling operations; exploration, projecting, installation, testing and certification. We are the solution partner and we cooperate with the best producers such as AMP, Systimax, Legrand, Molex, Panduit, HCS in our cabling solutions with 15, 20 and 25 year performance guarantee which varies according to the manufacturer.
Structured Cabling Systems are the longest used part of the network system on which critical business applications are working. There is no other element used as long as the cabling infrastructure of the network systems. While this important cabling infrastructure accounts for 2% of the total network investments of the institutions, the cabling systems that are designed and implemented incorrectly have been determined on the basis of 80% of the network problems we have encountered.
MT establishes structural cabling systems that enable the expert staff to have a holistic view of networking systems and experience them seamlessly and for years with their customers.


The three most important factors behind the success we have in Structured Cabling Systems are;

Accurate Design and Design: The basic output philosophy of structured cabling systems is to provide an extensible structure from the outset. Today, enlargement and growth in companies are generally not foreseen. It is costly to prepare a suitable wiring infrastructure by anticipating a growth that will take place after 5 years even if it is foreseen. For these reasons, it is most important to be able to prepare an infrastructure suitable for expansion.
Quality Workmanship: Workmanship is as important as projecting. The quality of work also means the quality of the cabling infrastructure. Because if you use the best brand cabling products and your workmanship is not good you will not be waiting for performance.
Test, Labeling and documentation: All wiring in our wiring projects are tested and labeled with a certain numbering system. Cable routing and socket points are processed on the layout plans and the project file is delivered to the system users. Project documentation is indispensable for expansion needs or fault detection.